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ONE IN THE CHAMBER - 'To the Gallows' | Single Review

Gone seem to be the days of true dangerous rock n’ roll; the type of music with guitar licks that made your skin crawl and come alive with the adrenaline rush of speed-limit-defying drums. The seedy underbelly of rock would be moist to the touch with oozing hair gel, hair spray, sweat, and other bodily fluids, but that was always it’s greatest appeal; the fear of death that made you feel the closest to being alive. Channeling the blues-infused attitude of Slash’s Snakepit and Led Zeppelin, Toronto based rock band One in the Chamber never left that era and having already released ‘Blow’ at the beginning of 2020, ‘To the Gallows’ followed suit.

Eery, creaking guitar and bass tones saunter on through between the blades of space and time, the swaggering blues notes sliced apart by a thunderous wail that makes an offhanded entrance. The vocalist plays with his vocals in the same way a lion cruelly taunts, teases, and toys with it’s prey before sadistically ingesting his meal, elements and hints of Robert Plant coming through in the pleading wails of ‘no’.

Creeping, stalking guitars get too close for comfort, the imminent pounce washing over you like a scalding hot bath in the middle of an ice-infused snowstorm. Guitar solos twist and weave like poison ivy wrapping around a marble white column, a dangerous tainting of it’s purity that you choose to overlook in favour of the added aesthetic. Too late to backtrack, the guitar solo and poisonous foliage have joined forces to engulf and consume the structure that they’ve firmly held captive in their grasp.

Piano twinkles add an uneasy disquietude to this now derelict monument, the cold and steely lyrics of “I am the reason all the gallows creak/ The biblical demon in the dark that makes you weep” presents the same warped and spine-chilling aura you get whilst listening to Slash’s Snakepit’s ‘Serial Killer,’ doubling as an apt soundtrack to the antics of the infamous Richard Ramirez, The Night Stalker.

One in the Chamber exhale an enchanting and hypnotic breath with ‘To the Gallows,’ capturing the truly chilling feeling of being so close to the end of a rope. ‘To the Gallows’ is available across all streaming platforms now, and for more information head to the bands website here or their social medias linked below.


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