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HOT JUICE - 'What you Gunna Do Now?' (Single)

Since the release of their debut album ‘This is What You Want’ earlier in the year, the Jersey based trio of indie rockers Hot Juice are still parading their increasingly constant presence on the local music scene. Having not been phased by the uncertainty of 2020, the band are back with their latest single ‘What You Gunna Do Now?,’ a question that is on everyone’s mind regarding musics place in the world’s future.

The answer that vocalist and guitarist Shay Barker, bassist Tay Browski, and drummer Harvey Dellar Crone have come up with reveals itself in the form of snappy fuzz laden guitars and vocal lines that are sticky with punk residue.

With an accompanying music video, the echoes of ‘hellos’ bring about a warm and welcoming entrance to the track. At only 2:19 the tune brushes past the ears with sharp bass charged verses that transitions into a quick fire clean and delayed guitar breakdown. Dour vocals and buoyant drum fills play the song out, leaving a tantalisingly abrupt and incomplete undertone.

The bands’ relentless residence on the live scene had seen them earn a spot on the ‘Made in Jersey’ stage at the islands local Weekender festival, a feat that has elevated and driven the band further in their ambitions.

‘What You Gunna Do Now?’ will be released 18th December via all streaming platforms.


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