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HOT JUICE - 'Second Wave'

Anger, confusion, and disappointment sweep the collective emotions of the Channel Islands in response to the impending second wave of the Covid-19 virus, despite initially having kept numbers low. Jersey indie rockers Hot Juice pen their letter of complaint via their newest single ‘Second Wave,’ a rant aimed at the inhumanity of halting the islands’ way of life amidst what originally looked like the light at the end of the tunnel.

Harvey Dellar Crone’s high hat tapping eases the track into view, with a bass line intro from Tay Browski eminent in its delivery and prominence that immediately sets this song apart from the bands previous catalogue.

Lyrics attacking the government’s alleged retainment of the islands’ official case numbers, and the suspiciously constant up and down of the statistics, the message will resonate with all; “Why won’t you tell us? Why do you lie? Why are you sucking our souls bone dry? When will you give us back our lives?”

Whilst maintaining the bands’ signature DIY and amateur puck rock swagger in Shay Barker’s vocals, the appearance of a classic rock focused guitar solo displays a maturer progression within the band. Diverting the track back to its former jangly punk ambience, the outro leaves the door open for Hot Juice to dip a hand in other jars of musical delights.

‘Second Wave’ is the next step up in Hot Juice’s evolution of songwriting, documenting the island with a snapshot in time that captures the feelings of many worldwide.


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