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HOT JUICE - 'I Don't Mind'

Hot Juice - 'I Don't Mind' design by dubberdesign

“So I turned it up, knocked it down, set it alight,” is the opening lyric to one of Jersey’s most prolific indie band’s latest song, ‘I Don’t Mind.’ After dominating Weekender’s Made in Jersey stage these words set the tone for a more in-your-face, sleazy anarchic sound compared to Hot Juice’s previous efforts, highlighted with sludgy punk overtones.

With a riff that’ll have you tapping your foot subconsciously and ending the new track with an admirable guitar solo, throws a more unruly classic rock flavour into the bands mix which will make for an electronically engaging performance during their live shows.

You can hear the new track ‘I Don’t Mind’ when it's released this Friday April 17th on their socials here.


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