DIRTY ROSE - 'Born To Break My Heart'

Updated: Apr 18

Sick of hearing sappy, cringey ballads about love? Then this Valentine’s Day, Guilford rockers Dirty Rose have a song for you to fall in love with that won’t leave you like everyone else. With the lyrics, You tell me I'm the only one, but baby I'm not fucking dumb, ‘Born To Break My Heart’ is a hybrid of punk angst and classic hard rock with clean, catchy vocals and sleazy chugging guitars.

With a guitar solo to fill the void in your heart, and dirty chorus breakdowns to fill the hole in your soul, head bang away the pain and send this song to your ex this Valentine’s Day.

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Jazmin L'Amy has asserted her right under the copyright, designs and patents act, 1988, to be identified as the author of this work.


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