DIRTY ROSE - 'Birthday'

A song titled ‘Birthday’ evokes images of community, cheerfulness and celebration, but the latest single from hard rockers Dirty Rose is anything but. Their heaviest track to date encompasses rougher pop punk verses and a metalcore chorus encrusted with grit and attitude, “Go ahead and talk your shit/you fucking hypocrite//I can’t hear any of it/when I’m up here on fucking stage.”

A pinch harmonic signifies a sleazy guttural guest appearance from Break Fifty’s Hugo Knight, bringing to the track a screamo breakdown that’s hard to forget while keeping elements of classic rock that

gels the song together.

Dirty Rose release ‘Birthday’ Sunday 18th.

Website - dirtyrose.rocks/

Facebook - @DirtyRoseRocks

Instagram - @dirtyroserocks

YouTube - @Dirty Rose

Jazmin L'Amy has asserted her right under the copyright, designs and patents act, 1988, to be identified as the author of this work.


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