THEORY OF A DEADMAN - Live from The Electric Ballroom

Updated: Jul 5

With their 7th studio album ‘Say Nothing’ on the horizon due for January 2020, Canadian rock band Theory of a Deadman treated the crowd of Camden’s Electric Ballroom to an intimate and candid performance. The night saw the band exhibiting tracks ranging from their alternative rock beginnings to their current political pop direction with their ‘History of Violence’ tour.

Opening up their show was Californian rock duo Dead Posey, with their sleazy Southern voodoo sound, lead vocalist Danyell Souza is the lovechild of Stevie Nicks and Dorothy Martin, with added rebel flair. An energetic and lively performance from the touring drummer and guitarist were undermined by the sheer chemistry and synergy between Souza and multi-instrumentalist Tony Fagenson, formerly of Eve 6.

Lead vocalist Tyler Connolly, guitarist Dave Brenner, bassist Dean Back, and drummer Joey Dandeneau, kicked off their early set time of 8pm with humorous favourites ‘Low Life’, ‘Blow’, and ‘Bitch Came Back.’ The upbeat and tongue-in-cheek atmosphere was quickly extinguished though as the hauntingly poignant cover of Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game’ saw Connolly trade in his guitar for a keyboard, eyes shut tight while under a single spotlight, bringing the room to an indelible silence.

The quartet’s most prominent album, 2008’s Scars and Souvenirs spawned ballads ‘Not Meant to Be’ and ‘All or Nothing,’ the sound of fans singing along in unison audible above the bands own efforts. The evolution of Theory’s sound became quickly apparent with the first single off their up-coming album, ‘History of Violence,’ with lyrics that deal in domestic abuse. In the encore, ‘Rx (Medicate)’ also took a serious and political turn, tackling the prescription drug epidemic.

The final track of the night however eradicated all feelings of depression and hopelessness, with a short speech from Connolly on how music and certain bands can fill up your world and give you peace: "maybe that band is Theory of a Deadman." With a quick tune tease intro to Guns N’ Roses’ ‘Paradise City’ and cutting it off before the first verse as they dive-bombed into ‘Bad Girlfriend’ to finish off the evening at an early 9:30pm.

Theory of a Deadman’s musical direction may be evolving into new and unexplored territory, but it suits them well. Theory kicks off their Canadian tour in January 2020, and are due to play Download Festival UK next June. Tour dates available here, and click here to listen to the new single, ‘Strangers.’

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