ALICE COOPER - Live from The O2 Arena

Updated: Jul 5

Alice Cooper

may be getting beheaded onstage night after night, but the 71 year old original shock rocker is showing no signs of joining the ranks of the dead anytime soon. Entertaining the O2 Arena last night in London, the crowd were warmed up by members of Faith No More and Soundgarden making up half the members of MC50
, and veteran punk rockers The Stranglers.

Introducing the show with a ‘Welcome to Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle,’ the night was kicked off with apt Halloween favourites ‘Feed My Frankenstein’ and ‘No More Mr Nice Guy,’ with an 8ft Frankenstein Monster exploring the stage thrown in for good measure.

As well as spooky monsters and floating creepy mutilated babies for tracks ‘Billion Dollar Baby,’ ‘Steven,’ and ‘Dead Babies,’ the set consisted of a stone walled castle dungeon, with typical appearances from dead brides for ‘Roses on White Lace,’ and masked crazed murders for ‘He’s Back, (The Man Behind the Mask.)’ The most anticipated attraction of course being the staple guillotine set up for Alice’s beheading, coming to life again bursting through a coffin the opposite side of the stage to one of the last songs of the night, ‘Escape.’

Although Alice Cooper may still have his signature voice, and a stage show centred on his character, but the musicians backing him up bring the bulk of the musical performance. Bassists Chuck Garric and Tommy Henriksen, drummer Glen Sobel

, guitarists Ryan Roxie
and Guitar World’s #1 ranked best female guitarist Nita Strauss
, counted for ¾ of the energy onstage, all while still keeping a tight and full sound.

Closing the evening with ‘Under My Wheels’ and ‘School’s Out,’ fans were treated to an appearance from Dennis Dunnaway of the original Alice Cooper band. Alice Cooper not only brings a horror stage show that keeps up with its humour, coupled with heavy riffs and ominous melodies together to bring you a truly spooktacular night of horror and metal.

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