OZZY OSBOURNE - 'Ordinary Man'

After the countless unfortunate health scares that Ozzy Osbourne has faced in recent times, his 12th studio album ‘Ordinary Man’ is a truly heartbreaking window into the mind and harrowing thoughts of The Prince of Darkness.

Opening track ‘Straight to Hell’ has the trademark Ozzy end-of-worldly vibe to it, while ‘Scary Little Green Men’ explores the paranoia in alien conspiracies, and the harmonica intro does not prepare you for the uncomfortable cannibalistic fantasies in ‘Eat Me.’

The main bulk of the record however is littered with melancholic melodies and retrospective lyrics of a tormented soul in ‘All My Life,’ ‘Under the Graveyard,’ and ‘Holy for Tonight’: ‘I can taste the kiss of death/what will I think of when I take my final breath.’ The enchanting duet of the title track featuring Elton John delves into the wearying existence of a famed life lived recklessly: ‘don’t know why I’m still alive.’

Concluding the album are two tracks featuring hip hop star Post Malone, ‘It’s A Raid’ being an onslaught of prime mosh pit materiel with a barrage of police sirens and screams. ‘Take What You Want From Me’ feels more like Ozzy is the featuring artist, while Post Malone’s voice dominates over the top of rap beats.

‘Ordinary Man’ may be an emotional rollercoaster but it’s not Ozzy’s swansong just yet. You can listen to the new album here.

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