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HOT JUICE - 'This Is What You Want'

Hot Juice: Facebook

Making a quick ascent through Jersey’s music scene by profusely gigging the local pubs and events, indie rock band Hot Juice have dropped their debut album. After winning Battle of the Bands for the top bill of Weekender’s Made in Jersey stage, ‘This Is What You Want’, is a step further in the right direction for guitarist and vocalist Shay Barker, drummer Harvey Dellar Crone, and bassist Tay Browski.

The EP is brimming with snappy punk rock riffs, the opening track ‘Can I Change My Mind’ being reminiscent of The Ramones, refining their sound with more complex guitar work on ‘Caution,’ and walking bass lines on ‘What Have I Got To Prove?’

The melancholic edge in the vocals on ‘Just A Little Bit’ contradict with the heavy fuzz guitars on ‘Small Town Blues,’ a homage to the small-minded toxicity of living on a compact island with ‘no dreams and a lack of ambition.’

Hot Juice Facebook

The album’s finale ‘It Is What It Is’ encompasses an elongated jam session, showcasing Hot Juice’s tight musicality as the album comes to a tantalising 20 minute close.

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