DAXX & ROXANE - 'Daxx & Roxane'

The new self-titled album from Daxx & Roxane is the answer to everything today’s rock music has been missing so far, incorporating the much missed crucial elements that made 80s stadium rock so unavoidably hypnotising. With larger than life excessive lyrics and monumental guitar riffs, this record demands to be played LOUD.

The first single ‘Fast Lane’ makes an entrance with sheer ferocious force, setting the scene for a hedonistic joyride that continues to echo throughout the albums lyrical content. ‘Get To It’ includes an opening riff similar to that of ZZ Top’s ‘La Grange’ with the lyrics ‘show me you love me, it’s about time I ate.’ Carnal innuendos are in abundance, distinctively in the sleazy suggestions of The Door's cover ‘Back Door Man’ with an appearance from the harmonica taking centre stage.

The renovated version of ‘Someone I Love’ has a sludgier and thicker sound compared to its adolescent appearance in the band’s debut record Ticket to Rock. ‘Broken’ flashes influences from early Def Leppard and Skid Row, and the ballad ‘Heal’ showcases the legacy of anthemic rock flowing through this Swiss quartet.

Instrumentally this record embraces virtuosic musicianship that has been lacking in a large portion of today’s modern classic rock, with genuinely memorable blistering guitar solos not heard of since the likes of Guns N’ Roses’ ‘November Rain’ or Bon Jovi’s ‘Dry County.’ The

dauntingly epic instrumental track ‘Dawn’ showcases this in itself, with the solos in ‘Strange Woman’ and ‘Without You’ not being there for mere decoration or for the sake of filling the space, but each for their own unique purpose.

To top it off, ‘Sugar Rush’ dabbles in driving Aerosmith riffs as the record’s finale. It’s not just the content of this album that’s doused in excess, but the physical sound delivers on that promise too, with layers of harmonies and chants that will satisfy your primal senses.

Daxx & Roxane's new album is due to be released on all streaming platforms on May 8th,

you can pre-order their CD and purchase merchandise here.

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