CROBOT - 'Motherbrain'

If Crobot’s first three albums were labelled as psychedelic stoner rock and roll, then their most recent release of Motherbrain has seen them reincarnated with a harder, more riff-based classic rock sound similar to that of Black Stone Cherry and Wolfmother.

Packed with rock’s cliché ‘I don’t give a damn attitude’ resonates within the song’s ‘Alpha Dawg’, and the records second single ‘Low Life,’ with lyrics ‘I’ll drag you down into the dirt/show you what it’s like to hurt//yeah you’re no better than me.’

Singer Brandon Yeagley’s moody vocals intertwine effortlessly between the meandering blues riffs of Chris Bishop’s guitar playing, particularly on the albums popiest track and certainly the bands most accessible song, ‘Afterlife.’ With a guitar solo similar to that of early Bon Jovi, and a chorus and melody that’ll stick in your head for days, it’ll make you feel like you can take on the world, ‘I’m not ready to say goodbye/in no rush to get to the other side//into the afterlife.’

The boys that made Welcome to Fat City three years prior, have evolved into men with Motherbrain, and can comfortably settle into their new-found sound, confident in the fact that this album will bring a whole new chapter to their music.

For the new album and tour dates, visit Crobot's website, YouTube channel, Twitter, and Facebook.

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