ASKING ALEXANDRIA - 'Like A House On Fire'

The years that have passed since ‘Stand Up And Scream’ have seen the guys in Asking Alexandria turn from raucous, hell-raising animals into rather respectable, mature, hard-working men. Their latest album ‘Like A House On Fire’ is a direct result of that evolution and, standing at 15-tracks long, showcases a drastically radio-friendly approach with slight undertones of their heavier history.

The title track makes no attempt to hide the reincarnation of the bands sound and with electronic vocal harmonies scattered throughout, the promise of a relatively hard breakdown from Ben Bruce makes a teasingly brief appearance.

Musically the verses are stripped back throughout the record yet the choruses retain fleeting bursts of anger, as the single ‘Down to Hell’ includes a shouty breakdown among the sea of clean vocals. ‘Antisocialist’ mirrors this frustration in Danny Worsnop’s lyrics about the soul-sucking hangers-on that come along with being famous, “Everybody wanted something, reaching out, don’t fucking touch me.”

‘Here’s to Starting Over’ and the ballad ‘I Don’t Need You’ are perhaps the most commercial tracks on the album, the latter consisting of a soft piano, R&B drum beats from James Cassells, and sweet soulful vocals emitting from guest singer and social media star Grace Grundy.

Contrary to the sleazy, vulgar views on sex and drugs on their early albums, ‘Take Some Time’ takes a more smitten and gentlemanly approach to relationships, “Lean on me, let me tell you that you’re beautiful, the only one I see in the room.” The record’s closers ‘The Violence’ and ‘Lorazepam’ are the heaviest tracks on the album, tackling the relatable issues of a lack of self-worth, and anxiety.

As ‘The Violence’ suggests, if you were expecting a throwback to the metal core energy of days gone by, then you’re sorely deluded and narrow-minded. ‘Like A House On Fire’ blurs the lines between genres, and the new decade sees a new, reinvented Asking Alexandria that suits them well.

You can listen to 'Like A House on Fire' on all streaming platforms, and for touring updates you can visit Asking Alexandria official website here.

Jazmin L'Amy has asserted her right under the copyright, designs and patents act, 1988, to be identified as the author of this work.


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