ALTER BRIDGE - 'Walk the Sky'

Returning with their 6th studio album, Alter Bridge’s recent release of ‘Walk the Sky’ is a journey of juxtaposing menacing riffs from guitarist Mark Tremonti, and optimistic lyrics from Myles Kennedy’s signature bright, clean vocals.

The album’s first single ‘Wouldn’t You Rather,’ has a melodic hook similar to that of ‘Isolation’ from ‘AB III,’ plausibly cementing its place in the bands repertoire for years to come. Coming in at just over an hour’s listen, the mix of sleazy pre-chorus’ and dark breakdowns, coupled with uplifting and hopeful choruses on the album’s second single, ‘Pay No Mind,’ exhibits the traditional elements of Alter Bridge’s sound.

Lyrically filled with an abundance of hope and faith on tracks ‘Dying Light’, (‘let this be an exercise in how to face your fears,’) and ‘The Bitter End,’ (‘starting right now/stop falling down/start living right,’) the album also features imposing and intense guitar solos. The 10th song on the 14 track album, ‘Forever Falling,’ displays a fierce crescendo riff, mirroring the lyrics of spiralling out of control.

‘Walk the Sky’ slots in effortlessly into the Alter Bridge discography encompassing not only the albums singles but hidden gems amongst the track list too, ideal for the bands live performances.

Alter Bridge are due to tour the UK with Shinedown, Sevendust, and The Raven Age, tickets can be purchased here. You can listen to ‘Walk the Sky’ here.

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